Best Scissors

The right hair scissors can make a world of difference in the overall quality of your haircut. You should never just grab craft scissors out of the drawer to use for cutting your hair. Instead, you should look for shears that are specifically designed for use on hair. By doing so, you can help protect your hair from damage, improving your chances of getting a great cut.

One of the things that sets haircutting shears apart from typical scissors is the hardness of the steel that is used to make them. In most cases, high-quality hair shears are made of extremely hard steel. This helps ensure that they stay sharp for as long as possible. Scissors that are made from hardened steel are particularly good for cutting hair dry.

If you plan on cutting hair wet, you may want to look for scissors that are made from steel that is slightly softer since it can be sharpened to an extremely fine edge. Although scissors made from softer steel won’t hold their edge quite as long before they need to be sharpened again, they will do a far better job at cutting through wet hair without causing damage to the cuticle.


scissors for hair-cutting

The blades of the scissors should only ever touch at a single point no matter how wide they are open. This helps provide control during the haircutting process, eliminating the chance of accidentally cutting the wrong hair.

The handle of the scissors is also extremely important since it plays a role in how comfortable they are to hold. Choosing scissors that fit easily within your hand is especially important if you work as a hairdresser. Think about how many hours you have to hold onto the scissors each day. If they are uncomfortable to hold, you can wind up developing problems with hand pain. You should look for a pair of shears that are ergonomically designed and that fit easily in your hand.

The blades should never grind together or stick. Instead, they should slide smoothly past one another. When looking at scissors, be sure to try them out before you buy them to double check that they open and close smoothly without catching at any point. The more smoothly they operate, the better job they will be able to do when cutting hair.

Keeping these tips in mind when looking for hair scissors can help you find a great pair of scissors that will help you cut hair like a pro. The wrong scissors can wind up causing excess damage to the hair and can make it hard to create a good haircut. On the other hand, a high-quality pair of scissors can make the haircutting process easier, allowing you to get professional results every time.

It is well worth taking the time to compare the various models of haircutting shears that are on the market to find a pair that is well-suited to your needs. Although these scissors can be expensive, they are generally a good investment since they will last for many years to come.